Having a lot of products in a category can make it difficult for customers to see your entire selection of products. The standard way of navigating through the category, using pagination, adds extra work for the user. When the user comes to the bottom of the page, they have to manually click “Next Page” to see a fresh new set of results. Why not remove that friction and load the next page automatically?

Meanbee’s Infinite Scroll module for Magento makes your customer’s life easier by automatically appending the next page of products to the bottom of the product list as the customer scrolls down the page. The impressive feature list boasts:

  • Can be enabled and disabled easily from the administration area
  • Can automatically load the next page of products on scroll, or using a button — it’s up to you
  • Removes unnecessary page elements, such as the paging control and the bottom toolbar, when enabled
  • Works with layered navigation (product filtering)
  • One-click installation – No template changes required
  • Configured using CSS selectors, so can be changed to work with your theme

Another thing we should probably mention is that we’re professional Magento Developers. We’ve built this module to the highest standards following best practices in Magento module development.

  • 1.6
  • 1.7
  • 1.8
  • 1.9