Magento Design and Development

Getting an opportunity to boost an ecommerce store with a newly designed Magento site is what we live for.

The first thing to do is to get in touch and we can discuss the project to see if we'd be a good fit. After that, we'd like to do some more project scoping which would involve an in-person meeting if possible.

After that we'd be happy to submit a proposal for the project. This will cover our understanding of the project and our recommended solution. It'll also provide some background information about Meanbee and our approach to projects.

In terms of phases, the project will go through the following:

  • Creative Discovery
    • The first meeting will be for our creatives to get a better understanding for the desired direction for the design and ensure that the goals for the project are clear.
  • Design
    • We'll then move on to the design process which will start with low-fidelity wireframes and then move on to high-fidelity designs to review.
  • Build
    • Once the designs have been signed off, the site implementation can begin. There may be tasks that we can undertake in parallel to the design project. We'll work in two week chunks, prioritising the core functionality first and then building to the more advanced features.
  • Testing
    • We will deploy the latest development version of the site every 2 weeks for you to review progress and provide feedback. Catching issues or incorrect assumptions early avoids a long period at the end of the project of rework.
  • Migration
    • In advance of migration we will have produced a migration plan which can then be signed off. When ready, we'll then follow the tasks on this and launch the new site!
  • Warranty
    • Following launch there is a warranty period to cover anything that isn't functioning according to the project specification.
  • Support and Maintenance

We have some of the most experienced Magento developers in the business. Their Magento Certifications, standards, breed of clients and quality of open source work all are evidence of their experience and passion.

So if you have a project that you think we might be suitable for, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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