Magento Ecommerce Site Audit

We have over 8 years experience in creating ecommerce sites for Magento. Our projects have spanned a wide range of brands and verticals. This exposure has provided us with insight into what's effective for increasing conversion rates, what is going to cause performance or maintenance issues as well as experience with third party extension vendors - a staple of the community.

As part of any on-boarding process we perform a site audit in order for us to provide advisories to our client as well being able to bring the team up speed on the architecture and structure of the project.

If you're not looking to onboard with us, that's fine too. We've also performed independent site audits for those that want a second opinion on the state of their project and inspiration on what to focus on next.

Our audits use a traffic light rating system to make it easier to understand the issue's priority. We make recommendations objectively, evaluating risk and cost.

The categories that we consider are:

  • Maintainability
    • Are regressions issues likely to occur when making modifications? In an ideal situation there should be tests that validate business logic.
  • Extendability
    • All requirements change, but has the code been written in such a way to anticipate changes.
  • Performance
    • Are there issues found during reviewing frontend or backend code that will inhibit the performance of the site, i.e. the time it takes to load
  • Scalability
    • Are there issues that will reduce the ability of the site to handle a large number of visitors. This will be caused by bottlenecks in the system.
  • Security
    • Is the application complete with all available security patches? Are extensions up to date? We do not perform a full penetration test but do recommend conducting one.

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