Magento Support and Maintenance

While new sites are exciting, we believe the most important work that a Magento agency conducts is maintenance and support. New site give an opportunity to set a foundation and jump forward but sustained growth is achieved over the long term and requires continual improvement and attention.

We've found that the best model for this is a retainer. This means that we have a monthly set of hours that we draw down on for all support and maintenance work.

We break support up into 3 different priority levels depending on the severity of the issue. This is provided with a service level agreement (SLA).

The rest of the retainer can then be used on maintenance tasks. This can be anything from investigating a low priority bug, optimising for performance, integrating a search extension or adding a new section to the product page.

We want to be able to support the ecommerce store in its growth so we'll work with you on yearly goals and business success metrics. With this, we know the context of the work and how to approach to improvements in order to improve the success metrics.

Then, at the beginning of each month, we'll plan together what the priorities are for the month and then get things kicked off as a sprint in JIRA. Essentially, each month is a single step on the long-term plan. Once complete, our work will be tested and deployed to our staging environments and provided to you with a test plan. Once through the review process we'll proceed with a zero-downtime deployment.

Each sprint of work has a Senior Certified Magento Developer supporting it in order to be able to guide and advise all work undertaken. This is our key to ensuring that we're always continually improving the site.

Retainers does not limit the work that we do on a monthly basis. We know that in order to continue growing, ecommerce stores need to keep investing in larger projects. Just get in touch to discuss these additional projects and we'll organise it in on top of the retainer.

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