Magento Extension Development

With over 8 years of building custom Magento extensions for our ecommerce projects, releasing our own, and reviewing others, we have plenty of experience on how to create extensions the right way.

Often Magento extension development comes down to communication between Magento and a third party system. This can be supported through use of the Magento API or with a custom implementation. We have experience with both through our work with Klevu and Ometria.

Given our knowledge of the community knowledge and the plethora of third-party extensions out there we can advise on architecture in order to minimise conflicts between modules and reduce support requests.

When testing our extensions we use software version matrices to ensure that the extension works on a all supported Magento and PHP versions. This helps to reduce customer problems when it's released "in to the wild".

We also will provide you with technical and customer documentation. Technical documentation will provide an overview of the architecture and explain the choices made. This can be used to maintain the extension internally if you chose to. The customer documentation includes installation and usage guides as well as the beginning of a frequently asked questions page.

After launch, we will continue to work with you to understand and diagnose what issues customers are running into and what we can do to avoid it. Initially this will be via a warranty period after launch and beyond that we'd be happy to create a support agreement.

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