Magento in a nutshell

Magento is the leading eCommerce platform used for online stores. It is a high-performant, scalable solution with powerful out of the box functionality and a large community built around it that continues to add new features.

In 2015, Magento 2 was released in 2015 and is a re-invisioning of the platform bringing it up to date with the latest development practices as a foundation for future features and growth.


There are many reasons that large brands trust Magento. Here are just some of the features that businesses get ahead with Magento.

Store Management

  • Catalog Management

    The flexibility in product management enables almost every catalog to be configured out of the box.

  • Promotions

    Use Magento's advanced promotion rule builder to provide customers with specific discounts around the site or at the basket.

  • Multi-website, multi-store, multi-currency

    Magento provides easy ability to set up additional websites using a subset of the catalogue and a variation of the design helping to reduce the running costs of multiple websites.

  • Visual Merchandising*

    Its important to merchandise categories to ensure the right products are on show. This is easy with the drag and drop interface.

  • Stage and Preview Updates*

    No more staying up until midnight during marketing launches. Changes can now be scheduled and previewed.


  • Full Page Cache

    Scale to new heights with built-in full page cache powered by Varnish to improve site performance.

  • Built on Modern Technologies

    Magento 2 is compatible with the latest technologies like PHP 7 which means faster load times with fewer server resources and therefore lower hosting costs.

Customer Experience

  • Smooth Checkout

    The checkout design has been reviewed in Magento 2 and it now provides a much sleeker experience.

  • Engage with Loyal Customers*

    With reward points, store credit, gift cards and private sales, the number of ways to reward and engage with customers has never been better.

  • Personalised experience*

    Pairing customer segmentation based on customer behaviour and promoting product lines based on these segments you can provide more targeted, more effective promotions.

  • Super-fast Search*

    The latest version of Magento provides an improved search technology called Elasticsearch that will help customers find the right product quickly.

Platform for Growth

  • Marketplace

    There's a wealth of extensions from the community to add new features to your store. This can enable achieving ecommerce functionality that was previously unreacheable.

  • Extensibility

    Magento's real power comes from it's ability to be extended with new features. Your agency can tailor and build on the platform to integrate into your back-office processes as well as add new abilities to the platform!

* These features are provided with Magento Enterprise

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