We've been acquired by Space 48!

What an exciting day. I'll get straight to the point, Meanbee is proud to officially be part of the Space 48 team!

Nick and I starting working on Magento in our bedrooms while at University in 2008. Since going full-time in 2011, we’ve gained so much experience growing a fantastic team and working with amazing clients such as Smythson, Ordnance Survey and Contigo.

Recently, we’ve found ourselves reaching our own limits in terms of growing the company further. More importantly from a personal perspective, we’ve felt restricted from focussing our energy on what we really care about. We continue to love ecommerce, and love helping ecommerce brands succeed on top of high quality technical implementations.

When we decided that we wanted some help in continuing this journey, our friends at Space 48 were our first choice. We have a lot of respect for what Jon and Tony have created in Manchester. Within the development community, the MageTitans conference is renowned. It’s a great developer event that really speaks to their values of learning, leadership and innovation and I am grateful to have been a part of it, speaking there in 2014. Just as importantly, they’re well known for their award-winning ecommerce sites for household names grow their businesses globally.

As Jon has announced, I really believe that we’re greater together and I’m excited for the future. I look forward in continuing to share this journey with the Magento community.