Royal Mail now available for Magento 2

We are happy to announce that our popular Royal Mail extension for Magento 1 has been released for Magento 2.

It is available from the Marketplace for $149.

Royal Mail Magento 2 Extension Logo

Paid Open Source

This is the first time that we've charged for the Royal Mail extension. While it is open source and the code is available for contribution and modification from GitHub, support is not provided for free.

We ask that customers purchase from the marketplace to support its development and support - it requires an update each year when the prices change.

Development Approach

When we decided that we were going to create a Magento 2 version we took the opportunity to separate out the business functionality into a re-usable library that could be used in any modern PHP application - not just Magento. This is available via Packagist. The challenge in doing this was taken on by one of our newer team members, Aaron Rickard, who graduated from the University of Bath last year.

With this created, we were then able to get a Magento 2 integration up and running more quickly. We have very good unit test coverage for this extension to aid stability and minimise future regressions.