Meanbee Hack-attack!

We’re hacking and you’re invited.

Our Office, 27th October.

Every Friday we step away from our client work and (normally) Magento to hack on something cool. One Wednesday evening a month sees the office packed up and moved over to the hat-laden, pizza-ridden, world-famous Riot Hack Night. So we thought it would be cool, for one day every couple of months, to invite you along too!

Here’s the deal: we’ll feed you, tend to your thirst, power you, internetify you and provide you with complementary access to our table tennis, xbox, sofas, beanbags and gym (only joking, we don’t have a gym). All we want from you is some damn cool ideas and a promise to ship something by the end of the day. Our office is just outside the Abbey in the middle of Bath, here.

We’ll be meeting at The Westgate on Friday, the 26th, at 7pm for some Wobbly Pops. The hacking will commence at 9am on Saturday, the 27th at the office. If you’re interested in coming along then please let us know so we can book you a place.